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  • Marketing Manager(Oversea)

    1. Be responsible for local marketing plan, achieve marketing goal and enhance brand on local market.

    2. Identifying target market, target audience, consumer value proposition, product key selling point and creating product marketing and communication outline.

    3. Leading the part of product GTM process marketing, organizing marketing information, have a deep understanding of marketing and competing goods information on local market.

    4. Closely work with retail/channel colleagues on marketing strategy, area coverage strategy and promotion plan, and organize relevant personnel training.Skills

    1. 5 yr+ Mar-com experience, including branding/Go to Market

    2. be familiar with new product Go to market process;

    3. Experienced in marketing strategy and presentation

    4. Excellent skills on communication, writing and presentation;

    5. great PM ability, interpersonal skills, and be a team player


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